is intended for any child with a physical limitation which would make it difficult or impossible to participate at other camps

History of the Camp

2015 Marks our 90th year of serving youth in Kansas City!

During the early years of Club 13’s existence, we were very involved with the Boys Hotel located on Armour Blvd.


Every summer the Boys Hotel sponsored Camp BoHoCa, open to all deserving and needy boys in Kansas City. This Camp closed in 1923. Mr. Robert Gees, then our Club 13 President, felt there was a continuing need for this type of camp.


Mr. and Mrs. Gees found an ideal location for the camp–40 acres of virgin soil, heavily wooded, with a stream of clear water and a rocky canyon. They acquired this land and made it available to our Club for use as a Camp. In 1928, the Gees placed the land in a Trust and granted our Club exclusive use of it in perpetuity for activities in service to youth.


By the 1940s, sessions were being held for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts with disabilities. During the 1950’s the emphasis was expanded to include children with disabilities.


This user orientation has continued with today’s summer sessions devoted to groups who serve the physically, emotionally, and mentally disabled youth of Greater Kansas City, many of whom might never otherwise have shared the joy of this unique camping experience.


This past summer, the Camp hosted almost 1,500 summer campers and 5,000 off-season campers from many area schools, religious groups and scouting organizations.

During the summer the Camp provides all facilities, meals, and swimming instructors at no charge to the organizations. All of this activity was budgeted at $245,000 in 2014.