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About our Board and Trustees

The Rotary Youth Camp could not achieve its goals without guidance from trusted, knowledgeable, and engaged leaders. Our Board of Directors and Trustees are champions for the youth of Greater Kansas City. These individuals have our endless gratitude and appreciation.

Rotary Club Youth Camp Association Board of Directors

(January 2020)

| Daniel Nenonen, President | David McCaughey, Vice President 

| Christy Chester | Linn Mills | Joseph O’Loughlin |

| Brent Worley (not pictured) | Jessica Block | Eric Burger

| Patrick Donnelly | Richard Atlas | Charles Huffman |

| Joe Privitera, Club President | David Hanzlick, Club President-Elect | Eric Bubb, Treasurer |

I think it is really great that these kids get to spend time away from the city and with nature. It is not often they get to see wild turkey and raccoons. They just love it.

Trustees of the Robert W & Clara M Gees Trust

Gary McEachen
Kermit Bright
Marc Horner
Paul Searcy
Ron Snyder
Commerce Bank and Trust