- Camp is a life-changing experience for all -

Every Great Story is defined by its setting

We take pride having established a camp where the experience goes above and beyond expectation. No matter the length of a camper’s stay, it is our goal to ensure every child and parent will be comfortable with our facilities.

Located along the beautiful shores of Lake Jacomo, the 40-acre camp is available throughout the year for camping experiences. The layout of our campgrounds and our activities are planned with campers’ specific needs and disabilities in mind.

The Camp Features
  • 13 rustic cabins with no electricity or water (sleeps 12 people each)
  • Two tent camping areas with shelters and outhouses (sleeps 55-60 people)
  • A large dining/activity hall (capacity of 250)
  • Convenient cooking areas and shelters
  • Centrally located bathrooms with hot and cold running water and flush toilets
  • Administration and first aid buildings for groups using the camp
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The Rotary Youth Camp offers an array

of outdoor activities to keep campers

engaged and having fun, including:

  • A state-of-the-art, wheelchair-accessible pool, beginning with a depth of 1 foot  

  • Open spaces for games and sports including a basketball court, volleyball net,  and gaga ball court.

  • Hiking trails, including a quarter-mile, handicap accessible, paved nature trail through the woods  

  • A wooden boardwalk through tall native grasses

Want to see more?

All of this is only the beginning. Come experience the camp firsthand*.

We’ll always look forward to meeting and welcoming you and your camper with open arms at the Rotary Youth Camp.

*Always call ahead before stopping by the camp (816-524-0923)

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