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2018 - Life Guards - Camp O - Waiting for Jump Day
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Staff and Volunteer Opportunities

Camp Superintendent (Full-Time):

• Lives on site
• Responsible for the day to day operation of camp
• Scheduling of groups
• Hiring of summer staff
• Purchasing food and supplies
• Coordinates volunteers
• Updates and applies for permits/ licenses
• Pays bills
• Keeps Board of Directors up to date

Community Relations Specialist (Full-Time)

• Speaks to groups about the Rotary Youth Camp
• Assists Camp Superintendent with Grant Writing and Fundraising
• Maintains social media
• Maintains the Website operation
• Works on the Greater Kansas City Day committee

Camp Host (Part-Time):

• Checks-in weekend groups during school-year
• Does security walk-through of camp

Summer Staff:

• 25 seasonal staff (many are returnees, but all are required to attend a 3 day
• Dishwasher (age 14-15)
• Assistant cook (16-18)
• Head cook (18+)
• Lifeguard (18+)
• Pool Director (21+)

  • Volunteers are used to keep maintenance costs down by doing many “unskilled”
    and “novice-skill” level tasks. We also make use of volunteers who have
    specific skills. We have workdays throughout the year, or volunteers can schedule a time to come to camp.
  • Most of the organizations using the camp have volunteer staff.
    Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the Camp Superintendent or
    the specific organization they are interested in volunteering with.