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2018 - Life Guards - Camp O - Waiting for Jump Day
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Staff and Volunteer Opportunities

Camp has one full-time employee, the Camp Superintendent:

• Lives on site
• Responsible for the day to day operation of camp
• Scheduling of groups
• Hiring of summer staff
• Purchasing food and supplies
• Coordinates volunteers
• Updates and applies for permits/ licenses
• Pays bills
• Keeps Board of Directors up to date

Camp has one part-time facilities manager:

• Handles minor repairs
• Checks-in weekend groups during school-year
• Does security walk-through of camp

During summer:

• 25 seasonal staff (many are returnees, but all are required to attend a 3 day
• Dishwasher (age 14-15)
• Assistant cook (16-18)
• Head cook (18+)
• Lifeguard (18+)
• Pool Director (21+)


Volunteers are used to keep maintenance costs down by doing many “unskilled”
and “novice-skill” level tasks. We also make us of those volunteers with
specific skills. Most of the organizations using the camp have volunteer staff.
Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the Camp Superintendent or
the specific organization they are interested in volunteering with.