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The Centennial Campaign

After nearly 100 years, some areas of our camp are starting to show their age. Through the Rotary Youth Camp’s Centennial Campaign, we intend to make renovations prior to our centennial celebration in 2024. These much-needed updates will ensure our camp stays top of the line, safe, and changing lives for the next 100 years.

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The Centennial Campaign will enhance and expand the activities offered for the next generation of campers and attract new groups of youth to the camp. We aim to provide unique experiences our campers will remember for the rest of their lives, and these updates are central to that goal.
In addition to the structural changes, the Centennial Campaign is designed to alleviate administrative burdens. Current annual operating costs of the Rotary Youth Camp are upward of $320,000 and increasing year after year. The Centennial Campaign will provide a reassuring lifeline to know we can continue to host camps—and life-changing experiences—for years to come.
Give Kansas City kids the camp experience they deserve. Contribute to the Centennial Campaign today with tomorrow’s campers in mind. When you donate to the Centennial Campaign, you can choose a specific area you want to support or add to the general fund. It’s up to you.

Centennial Campaign

Money Raised; 1,000,000 80%
Goal 1,250,000%

Replacing the existing basketball court

-COMPLETED FALL 2020- We are looking into options to replace the basketball court with materials that will last longer, require less maintenance, and be more conducive to our campers’ needs than an asphalt court. Updates will also include adjustable basketball goals for ease of use.

A new water play area—the Splash Pad

This brand-new water play area will provide a fun experience for campers who may not be able to use the swimming pool. The splash pad would also allow for water activities when lifeguards are not available to monitor the swimming pool. Additional aquatic wheelchairs would be purchased for use in this area.

Pool and pool house renovations

Our pool is a huge draw for our summer camping groups, but this area is in need of restroom modifications, exterior repairs, and new pool equipment. Restroom modifications are necessary to accommodate latest ADA accessibility guidelines. We will also install more maintenance friendly materials in showers and restrooms to increase the longevity of this heavy-use building. Exterior repairs, including concrete repairs, new roofing, and repainting, will keep the pool house functional for years to come. The swimming pool pumps are at the end of their useful life and require extra maintenance. The pumps, piping, and accessories for operation of the swimming pool will be replaced with larger equipment and rearranged piping to serve both the swimming pool and a new water play area.

Replacing the existing Health Lodge and Administration Buildings

The two buildings we have currently will be replaced with a single, convenient location that meets accessibility guidelines and ACA accreditation standards. A single building will help groups meet staffing and camper needs. The building will be environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and will use materials that require minimal maintenance to extend the life of the building for generations to come.  It is our goal to include solar panels, LED lighting, and efficient mechanical systems to reduce energy costs. The basement of this new building will also serve as a storm shelter, increasing the amount of accessible shelter space currently available.

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