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- Unifying For One Cause -

Greater Kansas City Day

Greater Kansas City Day is when our community works together for one unifying cause: to give the disabled and disadvantaged youth of our great city a chance to have a normal camping experience—one that would otherwise be impossible at other camps.

Buy a Flag. Help a Kid.

On this inspiring day, volunteers and donors collaborate to raise money for the youth of Kansas City. The Rotary Youth Camp is the main benefactor of Greater Kansas City Day, with other local children’s charities selected each year to receive funds as well. Greater Kansas City Day is in collaboration with KC Monarchs baseball, and is celebrated on their opening day! Pennants and sponsorships are sold to celebrate and support this great event. Every year, thousands of Rotary Club volunteers and donors work together to make Greater Kansas City Day a success. In fact, it has become one of the largest one-day fundraisers in the metropolitan area, with millions of dollars raised for area charities.


Our History

-Our Story-

Started in 1988, Rotarians of the Downtown KC Rotary Club wanted a way to celebrate the coinciding of the Big 12 Tournament and The Kansas City Royals Opening Day- while raising much-needed funds for the Rotary Youth Camp. There was so much excitement happening in Kansas City, and a chance to rally the community together behind a unifying cause was just what the city needed. Over 30 years later, the success of Greater Kansas City Day speaks for itself. What started as just newspapers on street corners evolved into so much more and became truly a city-wide effort. The Kansas City Star published special edition newspapers to commemorate Opening Day for the Kansas City Royals, Royals Charities designed a limited edition flag to sell, and even local grocery stores got involved. Volunteers pitched in to sell them all over the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area, with proceeds going to the Rotary Youth Camp and to support the youth of Kansas City.

Past honorary chairs of Greater Kansas City Day include local legends like Muriel and Ewing Kauffman, Buck O’Neil, George Brett, Dick Vermeil, Dan and David Glass, Adele Hall and Henry Bloch. They, like so many other Kansas Citians, understand the vital mission that takes place every year on opening day.

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How You Can Get Involved

There are so many was to get involved with Greater Kansas City Day!

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