- On the Morning of Greater Kansas City Day Thousands of Volunteers Hit the Streets of KC -


What day is Greater Kansas City Day this Year?

Greater Kansas City Day coincides with the Royals home opener. We are following the MLB postponement this year and will follow their lead regarding when to have the Greater Kansas City Day event. Check back for updates regarding the MLB schedule and opening day date.

How do I buy a flag?

On the morning of opening day you can buy a limited edition Royals Charities flag from volunteers throughout the Kansas City area and at your local Price Chopper. For more information visit our “Buy a Flag” page! You can also buy this year’s flag, as well as previous designs, online!

Can I participate even if I am not in Kansas City?

Of course! Greater Kansas City Day is all about celebrating the youth of Kansas City and all things that make this community great- even if you are celebrating from afar! You can buy flag online or donate to show your support!

Will there be newspapers to buy this year?

Yes! Our presenting sponsor, Price Chopper, has partnered with the Kansas City Star to produce a special edition of the newspaper. This paper will have information about the Rotary Youth Camp, the other youth organizations benefited by Greater Kansas City Day, and the projects Royals Charities are involved with.

I want to volunteer, how do I get involved?

Our volunteers sell newspapers and flags at street corners and select businesses throughout the Kansas City area the morning of Opening Day (April 2nd). We have many local rotary clubs who participate and would love to welcome you to join them.

If you have a group of volunteers already, you can hit the streets yourself and fund raise for Greater Kansas City Day.

To get more information on how to sign up email David McCaughey <david.mccaughey@kelcontech.com>.

Where does the money go?

Your donation supports the Rotary Youth Camp’s mission to host organizations which serve disabled and disadvantaged youth, free of charge. Additional children’s charities from throughout the Greater Kansas City area benefit from your donations collected by local Rotary Club members and other volunteers from the sales of flags and papers. To learn more about the experiences the Rotary Youth Camp has to offer, click here.

Can my business get involved?

Yes! We sell sponsorship for Greater Kansas City Day each year! Business contributions work to strengthen and magnify our fundraising efforts- making this event a true community effort. You can read all about sponsorship here, and learn how to sign your business up. All sponsorship is due one week before the opening game.

Where do I send checks to?

All checks need to be made out to Royals Charities and sent to Royals Charities, One Royals Way Kansas City, MO 64129. We partner with Royals Charities to make Greater Kansas City Day the best it can be for the youth in our community. They will be presenting the Rotary Youth Camp and other charities with a check after the event.

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